Fps v0.3 Milestone

Hello Internet,

it’s time for another Fps update. I completed the work on fps-v0.3. For this milestone I added some actual game-logic and again I made you an small Video showing all new features.

Features implemented:

  • Added items (+Health, Rail-, Shot-Gun, Rocket-, Grenade-Launcher, +Ammunition)
  • The player has now an active weapon and an inventory
  • Added an AI interface – there isn’t any logic implemented but the interface are there
  • Added simple HUD
  • Death player’s will now rendered differently

Regarding v0.2 testing, they are on hold. Having the game as of v0.2 is boring as hell, therefore to make it more appealing for testers I started to add actual game-content. The first step was v0.3 where I added core-game mechanics, next step is going to be v0.4 where I’m going to work on the graphical side, like adding real models with animations.

Changing long term goals on fps.

I had, as one might guess, a little break in developing fps but that wasn’t a bad thing to happen, since it gave me distance to evaluate the code-base and I want to share some shortcomings right out of my head:

  • I cannot debug C/C++ calls. That is really frustrating, since I cannot figure out whats really happening down there. So big parts of the game-engine are black boxes and I’m forced to try out the switches provided.
  • Conflicting views of how a game should work. It’s simple, how I want to handle game-state and logic conflicts with how jmonkeyengine works and that is not necessarily good for the code-base.
  • Unknown waters. This is my first real 3D project with physics and multiplayer. Many things I thought should work, work different or don’t work at all, which degenerate parts of the architecture.

As always some problems can be easily fixed, some are harder to fix and one problem in particular cannot be fixed. However, that let me to the believe I should start my next project in C/C++. Why? Because that’s where most of the open-source in gamedev is and learning new things is fun.

But I’m not going to stop my efforts on fps, for that I’m learning to much and that knowledge will help me on my next game architecture. Again the next step for fps is v0.4, which - I hope - will make it more appealing for more testing.